US Money Reserve Recognized with Awards

US Money Reserve, a leading distributor of government-issued gold and silver bullion, has been recognized with two Awards of Excellence for creative and production work. The 2016 Videographer Awards were issued to the company in the areas of “TV/Commercials-Product” as well as “Creativity/Cinematography.”


One of the recognized infomercials features actual customers of US Money Reserve, among them Richard Petty, a NASCAR racer. These are not the first awards the company has won. Just a month before, Telly Award was given for “Philip Diehl IRA” spot.


US Money Reserve specializes in precious metal bars and coins of various sizes issued by the governments of United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and other nations. Purchases come with a guarantee as to their purity as well as with a dedicated customer service.


This company has also been featured by Enterprise Radio. An interview took place with Philip Diehl, the president of US Money Reserve. In the past, Mr. Diehl had served as a US Mint Director who introduced the first US government-issued platinum coin as well as the Fifty States Quarters. In an interview, Mr. Diehl discussed immense efforts taken by his company to truly offer superior customer service as well as the Gold IRA Program.


“We turned what was a pretty backwards agency and turned it into a real entrepreneurial agency. One of the hallmarks of that was making a six-year commitment to improving customer service,” he claimed.


Under the Gold IRA program, US-based investors can save for retirement with Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) where precious metals, such as gold American Eagles, can be purchased. This offers diversification from stocks and fixed income products.


The site not only serves with direct purchases but also seeks to educate buyers about precious metals investing. The products are described with detail and photos are included. Buyers can also make further inquiries about the products and services.


The company, as the industry leader, offers competitive pricing on gold and silver products and full satisfaction guarantees.


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