George Soros Finding Election Results Dissatisfying

Recovering From A Loss
Wealthy billionaire George Soros isn’t unfamiliar to the world of politics. He has provided financial contributions to political parties across the world for decades. The peaceful transition of Hungary towards a democratic government and free market was strongly fostered by Soros and his contributions. Recently Soros decided to take up donating to the presidential campaign of Democrat nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton. One of the first major contributors to her campaign after she won the nomination he is deeply disappointed with her loss. Taking into perspective the loss of the presidency, Congress, and many state level elections Soros aims to help Democrats repair their brand to take back power.

Putting The Team Back Together
The central piece so far of this recovery effort George Soros has created is the Democratic Alliance. This gathering of the leaders of the DNC and the major donors to the party is giving the party a means to reexamine itself and seek ways to regain a firm position in the American political system. The first order of business for the Democratic Alliance is to find a way to stop Trump’s planned moves once he is inaugurated and serving his term.

Bitter Rivalry
Borrowing from previously stated conspiracy theories about Soros Trump has accused Soros of attempting to rig the presidential election against him. In return Soros has accused Trump of fascism and incompetence. The exchange of rhetoric has spread to the supporters of Trump as well with many seeing George Soros as a malicious puppeteer seeking to use globalization to dominate the world’s financial markets.

Hope Springs Eternal
The Democratic Party is facing an uphill battle. Republicans will control both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government with even more power to come when Trump appoints his Supreme Court nominee. Now more than ever the left needs to rethink its strategy going into 2017. With his decades of political activism George Soros knows exactly what it will take for Democrats to make a comeback. Given his track record of predicting success in the world of finance the DA may very well achieve this. It isn’t the first time George Soros has proven himself.

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  1. The election season has spawned bitter rivalries between George Soros and Donald Trump. Both men have seen heated exchanges of rhetoric as the hedge fund manager and president elect butt heads. It is a way that has carefully arranged everything to suit their needs and I know it continue for a very long time.

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